Friday, August 10, 2012

Slinging Ink

A while back I bought "The Art of Comic-Book Inking" in the back they have drawings where you can practice your inking skills. So of course I did, and sense there was no dialog I just added my own :)

"how much" "If you have to ask you can't afford me!" "Looks like 20$" "Ahh! Fuck you!"

"why did't you call last night? You said you wanted to play with my ass hole!" 

"hey faggot!" "shut your mouth!" "want to suck my cock faggot!" "how about a good fisting!" "that will teach you butt licker!"

"its called menstruation mother fucker!"

"what happened to my legs?" " how would i know you stupid cunt!" " what did you call me slutbag?" " ill teach you to call me cunt, bitch" "I don't even give a fuck!" "fine fuck face!"

"look at those punks puffing away. Don't they know it kills?" " don't you know second hand smoke kills?" "what the fuck is wrong with you?" "waa.."