Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rubber Fetish Fetish

I love the look of rubber so I did some sexy rubber illustrations with pen, permeant marker and pencil. Some turned out better then others. I don't have my scanner so these are just taken with my phone. I was trying to crop the images to make them a little more abstract. 

i like this one


meh the legs turned out poopie 

getting that butt was hard!

this one turned out well too


ok but would have been better if it wasnt at an angel, i might do it over

little sketches

Been staying with a friend so I don't have all my materials I usually have, so I picked up some color pens and red and blue pencils trying to keep my self busy and find my person illustrating style. 

red and blue pencils 

playing with pen trying to find my person style