Saturday, April 28, 2012

2 Trannies and a Makeup Bag

This is the first comic I started making, so it was fitting that I make it my first post. This is the evolution of 2 Trannies and a Makeup Bag comic. 

I recently received my BFA in painting and drawing, although I deeply wanted to get into the comic book making classes, they were always full or conflicted with my schedule. I have been collecting comic books sense age 7 (1995). I was never into the super hero comics, I was more into more alternative, darker, manga, comics with characters who cussed and killed and had serious issues. I just recently began to make comics, and so they are still a little raw. The ones I have done are all one page comics for magazines (with the exception of this one). As I teach my self how to design comics, I read more and more about how to become better at making them and learning more about their history. 

first sketches 

working on blackouts

rearguing the order a little 


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