Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Publication

About two months ago I was contacted by a editor for Nightspots, a local gay magazine. He had seen some of my drawings of my friends which where to become comics. He asked if I wanted to do a cover and a two page spread on the inside featuring my work. This magazine does not do this sort of thing, its a smaller in size mag that covers local gay bars and shows photos of people partying. But I was still excited and wanted to do them proud. Not only was I doing the cover but it would be for the pride issue. So here it is my first publication ever.

Original photo the illustration was based off of 

inked drawing, this was not traced on the computer, this was all hand done. 

digitally colored 

final cover

comic strip that was in the magazine, yes yes i spelled baby, babie. don't ask me why

other strip featured in magazine 

inside spread, why they choose this after sending them like 6 comic strips is beyond me, but beggars cant be choosers. 


thats me

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