Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exbo Chicago 2015

So every year I go to Exbo Chicago , or Arts Chicago which ever one it is that year. For many years now I have taken pictures and reviewed the art fair, this year however I did something different. I couldn't help but notice a change, or rather lack of change, every year it was the same thing over and over and over. Not only that but it was alllll crap! Bullshit after bullshit I was sick of it! So this year I decided to take pictures of art that didn't fall into the contemporary cliche categories.
And those categories are:
Fragmented Geometrics
Globby Thick Abstract Paintings
Nonsensical Sculpture
Large Landscape Photos
The "old masters" (really its just guys from the 80's)
Urban Hipster Art
Comment On Some Atrocity They Will Never Do Anything To Help
Blatant Theft "Comment" On Someone Else's Work
An Attempt To Raise A Low Art Form To A High Art Form
Random Text
Fiber Art Trying Not To Look Like Fiber Art
I Wait I Though This Was That One Guy? So Who The Fuck Is This?
Something By Ai Wei Wei
I'm Inspired By Comics Can You Tell?
High School Art Project That Never Ended
Strangeness For The Sake Of Strangeness
"Feminist" Art About The Body Or Childhood
A Photograph Trying To Be  A Painting
A Painting Trying To Be A Photograph
 Board Looking Figure Paintings
I Literally Just Spent 10 Minuets On This Give Me Money
I Spruced Up A Chachki
How Did You Get Famous For This It Is A Step Above Just Shitting In A Can
Louse Pointless Video Art
I Poked A Whole In A Photograph
I make Ethnic Looking Art But I Am Really A White Guy
I Repainted A Everyday Object

If after reading this you think, this guy just doesn't GET art. No I do thats the problem. This ISN'T art! Its bullshit that people call art and get the pass cause now thats all you have to do. I can go on and on about whats wrong with the art world today but I think I will leave that for another post. Some of these artists still might fall into one of these categories but I did the best I could! Its also now very popular to not show the artists name apparently! So without further adieu this is all the stuff that wasn't crap, enjoy!

Thaddeus Wolfe

The Haas Brothers 

Tom Sachs, Rollaboard, Mixed Media 

                            Michael DeLucia, Noisebox, Modele, It's just too late right now,           Unititled, The Castaway, High Pressure laminate on plywood.

                  Jorinde Voigt, Hagia-Sophia-Studie 2, Hagia-Sophia-Studie 5, Hagia-Sophia-Studie 4, Gagia-Sophia-Studie . Ink, oil pastel, gold leaf, and pencil.

Victoria Gitman, On Display, Untitled, Untitled. 

Anton Gormley, Freefall, 2mm square section stainless steel bar.

Ana Maria Tavares, On the visual purity YQ10, On the visual purity YP9, polished stainless steel, UV print on Dibond, crystal.

Anders Ruhwald, Eye of the Storm, glazed ceramic.

                                                  Alexandre da Cunha

Gonkar Gyatso, 13,472 Prayers. Stickers and oil based markers on treated fine art paper.

Phyllis Bramson, Springtime Story (woman lit by fireflies) 
Mixed media and found objects on canvas. 

Tim Prentice, Brick Mirror Curtain, Polished aluminum and stainless steel. 

Just realized I usually post this on my other blog, ToBeYoungAndBroke, but its too late now!

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